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937 Facelift

We are always striving for better for you and our staff! That's why you will be seeing some fresh changes coming in the next year. Updated equipment for ease of use for staff and comfort for you all! These new styling stations, and updated spa rooms are just the beginning for us, as we will be bringing updates to many areas of the salon. We will also be bringing a new hair styling line that we have been trailing for 2 months now, with PCR packaging called R+co. Clean ingredients, amazing results and PCR packaging?! What could be better!? We are over the moon, as we are always striving to be more eco conscience as well as bringing you the best of the best salon exclusive products with amazing results. We have already had a lot of you asking when they can get their hands on it so we know you will love it too! That will be coming very soon! Thank you for your continued support, we love and appreciate each and every one of you that step through our doors!

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