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Updated: Jan 29, 2019

dry winter skin? read on

Growing up I think the trend with skin is to cleanse, cleanse and cleanse some more. Thats where we all went wrong, and got into a bad habit of over drying our skin, which leads to breakouts and imbalanced skin.


Oils can be your skins best friend. They can keep your skin moisturized which leads to less sebum production which leads to less breakouts and letting your skin live its best life !

If you have dry skin, when shopping for skin products try to stay away from extremely cleansing formulas or over exfoliating products. Exfoliating can be great for your skin but not as often as you would think. Once a week is sufficient to remove dead skin, but make sure you moisturize thoroughly afterwards.

A really great method for facial cleansing to balance oil production and help with breakouts is oil cleansing ! I will post my favorite recipe link below ! First you massage your face with the oils, no makeup remover is necessary, and then get a wash cloth damp with hot water and let it sit on your face for a moment before you start to wipe your face, removing all makeup from eyes and surrounding areas. You can pat dry and apply your favorite moisturizer !

Its all about balance !

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