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We are officially a Green Circle Salon!

Why an ECO fee? As a responsible business in our community we pride ourselves on the positive contribution we make in our community. Our goal is to champion positive business practices that enhance the lives of the people living in our community and develop innovative solutions where options do not exist. We feel that throwing thousands of pounds of recyclable materials into the local landfill is not a positive contribution to our community or a best practice. Hair in landfills adds a tremendous amount of greenhouse gases into the air. Metals, chemicals, and other materials add to the growing issue of pollution and draw on the Earth’s resources. The good thing is that all of these materials can be recovered and repurposed. The challenge is that there are no traditional options. These materials are deemed hard to recycle and require extra effort and an extra cost. The choice to fund this bestpractice with an ECO fee is a transparent way to show the community what we are doing. Most businesses simply raise prices to adopt new technologies. Similar to engine oil, tires, mobile phones, & dry cleaning fluid, our left over materials cause harm when discarded in landfills or poured down the drain. And while those industries had to be regulated before taking action, we have voluntarily chosen to divert our waste from the local landfill and partner with Green Circle Salons to responsibly manage the end of life of our beauty waste.This transparent tool allows us to recover and recycle these materials. Together we can responsibly re-introduce them into

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