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R+co Bleu

R+co BLEU products have now joined the team! This incredible eco friendly line pairs so beautifully with Bumble and Bumble because of its different characteristics. Bleu has vegan, gluten free, and cruelty free, sulfate and paraben free, shampoo's, conditioner's, styling products, and mask's that provide multiple benefits such as shine, volume, smoothing, and UV protection in each bottle. EVERY purchase contributes to One Tree Planted Foundation that works for reforestation efforts as well as receiving a wildflower card that will plant wildflower's, in each box. Each product's packaging is eco conscience! How? PCR plastic, aluminum and tubes made of sugar cane! Needless to say, this product line checks all of our boxes, and We're IN LOVE! If you're interested in trying our products out before purchase, schedule a shampoo style or haircut and feel the amazing results!

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