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Updated: Apr 14, 2019

It has been such an amazing journey picking out the lifestyle we represent, from the products we chose to brand with, to the decorations we put on the walls. We hope you feel at home in our new space as much as we do!

We have chosen to partner with Bumble and Bumble hair products! We love that they are kind to animals, have great ingredients and truly work! They focus on more natural textures with amazing moisture, tousled, beauty styles and everything has amazing fragrance.

We strive to have products that do wonders for your hair, skin and nails while keeping in mind what ingredients we are putting on our bodies.

For skincare we have chosen Sorella Apothecary. They have clean enough ingredients that their products still work, and have something for every skin type and problem area. Every item they sell has amazing smells and the names of each one are so refreshing. Our favorite so far would be the marine mermaid masque which will be featured in one of our specialty facials.

For nails, we have such exciting things in store! We will have a nail bar kind of feel to our nail area. Featuring homemade foot soaks and a variety of fresh polish colors!

May 1, 2019 we will welcome you all into our new space and help you feel at home in our little home away from home!

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1 Comment

Hello 937...... I am a Centerville resident and very active in the Dayton community as well as the Arts in Dayton, UD, and retired teacher organizations. I am disgusted to hear what you have done to Affinity and your deceit and dirty business policy will not serve you well.. I will pass your theft on to all people in my many circles and share this “story” with all. Shame on you.. Oh!!! And the Chamber of Commerce..Facebook, DDN and Ch 7!!!

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