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Curly Specialist Haircut

We currently have 4 Curly specialists trained and ready to take on any curl challenge. These stylists have had hands on training in curl types, cutting, styling and curl care. Wavy, curly, coily, tightly coiled, and everything in between, we have you covered! How does our curly specialist cut differ? ALL of our stylists have been trained in textured hair, because that is important to Esther for everyone to understand ALL hair types. But our curly specialists submerge themselves into the curly world, with a deeper understanding of lifestyles, challenges that guests have, and how to solve those challenges. So curly cuts begin with a thorough consultation of goals, current styling method, products used, and the style desired. We then begin a DRY cut, because curls don't act the same wet. Dry curls are honest! After the cut is mostly completed, your specialist will address any concerns at the shampoo bowl with treatments, such as dry scalp, irritated scalp, buildup on the hair, dryness or damaged hair. Once the treatment masque of choice has been applied, we place a cap on and let it rest under the steamer for up to 10 minutes to ensure an open hair cuticle to help the hair better absorb the treatment. Once everything is rinsed out, desired curly hold or moisture product is applied before a microfiber towel wraps the hair up to absorb extra moisture, and diffusing or air drying can take place!

We love curls, and we know they need special care, so that is why we made a service just for YOU! book one here

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