What we're doing to keep employees and guests safe

We are so happy to announce that we will be reopening on May 15th. That is without saying, there will be many changes at 937. Please read all of the following. It is our duty to protect our guests and our employees. Online booking is temporarily turned off and will return shortly. We will be having every client sign a liability waiver upon entering the salon for their appointment.  


All staff is required to wear a mask, wash hands after each guest OR wear gloves. Staff will also retrieve any products you'd like to purchase!


We are disinfecting our bathrooms, contact surfaces, front desk and waiting area on the hour. We will disinfect stations, chairs, shampoo areas after EACH guest.


We are encouraging you to wear masks and wash hands as soon as you enter. We will provide a mask if one is unavailable. Please leave all personal belongings (ie: coats, purses) in the car. 


We are limiting 10 guests to the salon so please don't bring anyone with you. We may ask that you wait in your car or our outdoor benches if we reach capacity. We have spaced all furniture 6 feet apart for social distancing guidelines.


We have set aside time slots between 9-11 AM for at risk guests and elderly.


We have included a temporary 2% COVID-19 tax to each service to cover PPE equipment needed.


Touchless hand soap dispensers, and sanitizer everywhere you look! Please visit HERE for more info.

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